Students receive real life experience at Chadron State College

Published: Nov. 27, 2018 at 6:06 PM CST
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Students at Chadron state college are getting real life experience opportunities. John Thomas of the Nebraska big game society commissioned CSC to create a license plate that featured a big game animal, had room for numbers and letters, and featured the word Nebraska and also the NBGS logo.

“I think they're naturally more excited about working on a big project like that,” said Mary Donahue, art professor at Chadron State College. “They'll see it out there somewhere. So, that gives a little extra energy to what they're doing.”

One of the requirements for the plates was to feature an elk or big horned sheep. Fortunately, on a previous trip to Wyoming students photographed wildlife. One student went to a game farm to snap shots of elk. Donahue took her class out to look at license plates, and encouraged students to feature landscapes where big game animals can be found.

Above, CSC’s art 4-11 graphic design 3 class is proudly displaying their plates. The drafts were created from student’s photos, Photoshop, and adobe illustrator.

“I'm always looking for real life projects for the students. We try and find those so they can get experience working on a project with a client.”

Students in this class are future advertisers, graphic artists, and photographers. The NBGS is holding meetings, and will pick the plate soon. And the plate that is selected will be printed and mounted to bumpers across Nebraska.

(Photo Courtesy of Chadron State College).

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