Stuhr Museum Christmas trees tie in memorable traditions

GRAND ISLAND, Neb. (KSNB) - Some people are keeping up the tradition of creating extravagant trees for Stuhr Museum's annual "Fantasy of Trees" event.

Stuhr had a free admission day Sunday for people to check out the exhibit.

This year community members and area organizations submitted a total of 93 trees, the most the museum has ever had.

"This has been going on more than three decades," said Mike Bockoven, marketing director at Stuhr. "It's something that the Stuhr building has always done. Once December rolls around this become Christmas tree central. And we found that a lot of people like to bring folks from out of town, because the building is amazing, but also the exhibit is really focused on the holidays and there's a lot of variety."

While the museum continues a long-standing tradition, so does one of the participants.

Don Deitemeyer and his wife have created unique trees for many years for the exhibit. This year, their tree won the award for "Best traditional" tree.

It's called "Grandma's House," and features 45 neatly wrapped presents spiraling all the way up the Christmas tree. There's also a mantel and fireplace, with stockings lining the top of the mantel. It took his wife two months to get the presents wrapped, and onto the tree.

"You know I don't know, I just thought, 'grandma's house, got a lot of presents.' My vision was covering about a foot of the tree," Don Deitemeyer said. "And this year, you know it's "Grandma's Place," but we also have, like Charlie Brown saying it, it's not what's around the Christmas tree, but who's around the Christmas tree."

Another popular design in the exhibit gives off a rock and roll vibe. It's one of Saint Nick pulling a Christmas tree with a motorcycle.

This one was created by the Platte River Harley Owners Group.

There are also snowmen in a pile of snow, and gnomes spread out throughout the lawn.

"We like to do things together as a group," said Bruce Lockwood, director of the Platte River HOP. "It just keeps us together in the off-season when we're not doing a lot of riding and stuff, and it gives us things to do. Plus we like to give back to the community too, just like we get from them."

You can see these displays, along with Local4's own Sno-Nado tree at Stuhr Museum through January 2.

You can also vote on your favorite for the "People's Choice" award anytime you go to the museum to check out the exhibit.