Stuhr Museum offers new online content while doors are closed

GRAND ISLAND, Neb. (KSNB) - Finding ways to stay entertained while staying at home is getting a little easier thanks to the Stuhr Museum. They have found new ways to engage the community while their doors are closed.

Even though the doors to the Stuhr Museum are closed, they are bringing the exhibits into people's homes through social media. (KSNB)

The Stuhr Museum is now bringing the community into the museum through social media. They have a few new projects they hope can be educational and give people a break from all the coronavirus information.

“We have challenged each other that the programming we develop is in keeping with our mission of portraying and preserving history and present it in a fashion that is educational but powerful and impacts people,” Executive Director Chris Hochstetler said.

They will be starting Facebook lives twice a week to show people behind the scenes content. It will be based on artifacts, buildings, and anything else on the grounds that people may not normally see as they walk through.

They also have started daily Youtube videos that show the Artifact of the Day. Museum leaders said they were sad to close the museum and wanted to do something for the community who has always supported them.

“It felt initially like wow we are being separated from family if you will,” Hochstetler said. “We're being separated from the community because we can't allow the community here like we always have through 53 years. So we really started to think about what we can do to maintain that connection with the community.”

There is also a digital series being shared on the Stuhr Museum website detailing times in history where Hall County has been faced with disease and infections in the past.

The museum is also going to launch their Brainiac Bowl to be online so people can participate in a trivia game while obeying social distancing.

“We hope that the programming that we're actually creating now in a very creative environment, because we're almost demanded to do that now with the isolation and social distancing, that that programming is something that can last too,” Hochstetler said.

While there is the concern of lost revenue, the museum just hopes to keep those who support them engaged.

Find the new content here:

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