Successful ambulance company pays off city economic loan early, hoping to end lawsuit

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NORTH PLATTE, Neb. (KNOP) - North Platte's newest ambulance company is paying off its loan, early, to the city. The owners of Priority Medical Transport received $350,000 in Quality Growth Fund dollars in 2015 from the city of North Platte.

Two North Platte residents, Ryan Sellers and Donna Tryon, sued the city and two owners of the ambulance company, Trent Kleinow and Dr. James Smith. They believe there was not enough public notice before the meetings that gave loan approval.

David Pederson, attorney of Priority Medical Transport, says the loan is now paid in full, plus $363.80 in interest. The terms of the $350,000 loan was five years at 3.5% interest.

David Pederson, attorney of Priority Medical Transport, says this is really a Quality Growth Fund success story. The business started with no employees and now gives 42 people jobs in three locations, North Platte, McCook and Kearney.

J.L. Spray represents Sellers and Tryon. He says his clients continue to pursue the case. They filed an amended complaint and want at least attorneys fees.

Spray says the early loan repayment tells him there was wrong-doing.

Pederson says the payment should put an end to any further pending litigation. They want the case dismissed.

The next step is a hearing in Lincoln County District Court on June 12th.

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