Sycamore Underpass Project to begin Monday

Published: Nov. 1, 2018 at 8:22 PM CDT
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You may need to change up your route even more in Grand Island as the city takes on another construction project.

This one is for the Sycamore Underpass Project, which is costing the city about $1.8 million.

There will be major work done on the storm sewer and underpass, which will include concrete and handrail repairs.

The South Front Street Bridge will be completely removed, and replaced with one that will be raised about one inch.

"The other thing we're doing is all the retaining walls, the stuff you see on the walls when you're drive through the underpass, we're taking some of it down, the part that we're not taking down is going to be resealed so that it's now a solid structure, and we're going to have some drainage behind it that we're going to be inserting," said John Collins, the public works director for the city of Grand Island.

Collins said this project has been a long time in the making.

He said they noticed something needed to be changed at the bridge back in 2011.

"We did a little bit of work on the bridge, not a lot. That's when we discovered that there were some serious issues. It was a little too far gone to just rehabilitate at the time, but we knew we had a few years left before we had to completely rebuild it, so we got all the life we could out of it," Collins said.

The project is set to begin Monday. The underpass will be closed for ten months, and detours will be set up for drivers.