Test your drinking water for contamination from the flooding

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One thing that residents who are dealing with the impact of floodwaters need to take notice of, is the risk of contaminated water.

The Central District Health Department said area residents and businesses with flooded private drinking wells or anyone with water that has changed in taste, smell or has cloudiness to it should not use it. You may be at risk of consuming contaminated water.

If you suspect your drinking water supply was contaminated, drink only commercially bottled, boiled, or treated water until your well is tested and found safe.

Fullerton is under a boil order and Dannebrog is also being told to boil their drinking water until further notice.

Steve Walker, Lab Scientist, states “The only way to know that your drinking water well has been contaminated with bacteria is to test it”.

Federal law requires public water supplies must be analyzed for various contaminates on a regular basis. There are no regulations governing private water supplies, so it is up to the owner of a private water system to assure their drinking water is safe for consumption

Coliform bacteria do not directly cause disease, but can be associated with other, more dangerous strains of bacteria such as shigella, salmonella and E. coli. Bacteria contamination cannot be detected by sight, smell or taste. Treatment of coliform bacteria when done properly is relatively simple and inexpensive.

To test the safety of your drinking water, test kits may be picked up at the Central District Health Department located at 1137 S. Locust St in Grand Island, or they can be mailed on request.