The Battle of the Badges heats up in Grand Island

The Grand Island Police and Fire Department staff battled it out at Pizza Ranch in a "Battle of the Badges."

Basketball, car racing and knocking down clowns, the "Battle of the Badges" heated up for a good cause.

The police department raised money for The Law Enforcement Memorial and the fire department raised money for Operation Warm. Neither team shied away from bragging rights.

Six games of skill and a close competition. The friendly fire from both teams say coming out and mixing it up with the community is part of the appeal to these games. But, of course, bragging rights aren't something they shy away from either.

"Us and the fire department get along pretty well but we always have that competitive edge and we always like to edge them out but the last couple of events they have edged us but we will get them next time," James Wood, Crime Prevention Officer, Grand Island Police Department.

Ed Carlin, Shift Commander, Grand Island Fire Department says "It was close all the way through but it sounds like we did a little better in the shooting competition, maybe we are spending a little more time at the range off duty."

The Grand Island Fire Department did walk away with the win but it was a close call.