The "Lego Guy" inspires creativity in kids

GRAND ISLAND, Neb. (KSNB) - One Colorado man uses his passion for LEGOS to spark creativity in kids right here in Central Nebraska.

Curtis Mork, also known as the "Lego Guy," shows kids one of his finished LEGO sets Monday at the Grand Island Public Library. (Kelsey Dickeson, KSNB)

Curtis Mork, also known as the "Lego Guy," stopped at the Grand Island Public Library Monday to give his special program. About 250 elementary kids packed into a room to listen to him speak.

"My favorite thing about LEGOS is you get to build whatever you want and just express your feelings," said Briella Sorensen, a second grader at Shoemaker Elementary.

They then got to try their hands at building their own creations. Many of them modeled their work off Mork's LEGO sets, building space ships and flying saucers.

Mork has close to 700 sets of LEGOS. Most of them are Star Wars themed.

He's been a fan of LEGOS since he was just six years old, but got away from them when he got older.

Mork said he didn't touch them for about 20 years. But his love for LEGOS was renewed after a trip to Target down the LEGO aisle.

Doctors diagnosed him with multiple sclerosis after health problems in 2006. That didn't stop him from building.

"I actually find that by building, it's very therapeutic. So if I'm having a bad day, I'm not feeling well, I can go to my workshop and just start building," Curtis Mork said. "It gets it off my mind. It's almost like a switch flips to where I forget about the aches and the pains."

After his diagnosis, Mork had to quit his job. His passion for LEGOS soon turned into a full time gig. Most of his builds take several hours.

Mork has been to the Grand Island Public Library four times to give this program. He's worked with libraries in eight states for the past twelve years.

You can check out his Facebook page to see how you can get him to come to your library.

"You're never too old for LEGO. I don't care if you're nine or 90. Take some time to sit down at a table full of LEGOs and see what you can come up with," Mork said.