The health department urges protesters to follow health guidelines before virus gets out of hand again

Published: Jun. 3, 2020 at 7:31 PM CDT
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Hundreds of people are protesting against racism in the Tri-Cities but many of them are in close proximity making their risk to catch the Coronavirus more likely. There are some people who wear their masks and stand 6 feet apart and some who do not. The Central District Health Department believes this is unacceptable, not just for the protesters but for everyone who goes out in public.

Teresa Anderson, the director of the CDHD said, "We are concerned with people congregating for protests. We understand the reason that they're out there but we think that there is a real danger to being in close proximity, closer than six feet, without a mask."

If anyone's been hit hard by the Coronavirus pandemic, Its been the central district. Hall County has the third highest number of positive cases and death in the state. After two months of social distancing and following health measures, infection rates are down to 11 percent but science indicates there will be another surge in cases.

So the health department urges everyone to do everything within their power to prevent the spread of the virus if and when it happens. Especially since 20 percent of positive COVID-19 cases have been asymptomatic.

"Even though you don't feel like you're a risk to someone else, you certainly could be," said Anderson.

Since more people are out and about now the state is re-opening, It makes it harder to track positive cases like they did in lock-down. An infected person could come in contact with so many people at work, when they shop or even protest.

"We know the one person when they get tested is positive but to track down the number of people that they've been around when we really don't have the contact information would be very difficult," said Anderson.

If you have COVID-19 symptoms, TestNebraska will be here next Monday, June 8,2020 and Tuesday, June 9, 2020 for testing. The CDHD suggests everyone to update their answers to questions on the website, so they can get tested.

"When we go out without taking the precautions, we're putting others at risk and that's where the real danger is. I think the central district and Nebraska know that we want to protect our own families but we want to protect others as well." said Anderson.