Tired of scraping ice off of your car, try these hacks

Published: Nov. 26, 2019 at 10:26 PM CST
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There are a few hacks to save you some time and effort. If you put a plastic bag around the mirror and secure it with a rubber band it will stop it from icing over.

For the windshield you can put a cardboard box over it and secure it with your wiper blades. To keep ice off of the wiper blades you can put an old sock over it and secure it with a rubber band as well.

When driving if you do start to slide, Todd Tharp from Pat's Auto gives this advice, "Once you lose control you freak out and you crank the wheel, that is usually when people over correct and they spin and they go in a ditch side ways. Once you get to a certain point it is just best to ride it out."

And if you find yourself stuck, "Turn the traction control off, then you can spin the tires. If it is on it will speed up and once your tires start spinning it kills power."

In most cars the traction control can be found below the steering wheel, to the left.

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