Toxic waste causes EPA to shut down GI underpass

GRAND ISLAND, Neb. (KSNB) - Toxic waste leaking into ground water and soil in Grand Island will cause the Eddy underpass to close.

A nearby dry cleaner that has been closed for years is responsible for the contamination.

The Environmental Protection Agency is closing all four lanes of the underpass starting Monday, March 19, until Sunday April 1.

On April 1, one lane in all directions will open back up. All lanes will be back open sometime in December, depending on the weather.

To correct the problem, they will be establishing a thermal treatment well in and near Eddy St. to clean up the contaminated soil and ground water.

There was an informational meeting Tuesday night at a local church.

"The city does a very good job of monitoring all contaminants within the public water system and as soon as they detected the chlorine solvent within the water system, they shut down the water well and they continued to monitor it and it has been offline the whole time," said David Wennerstrom, Environmental Protection Agency.

The EPA sat down with residents individually to explain the problem and answer questions.

The re-route underpass will be the Sycamore underpass.

The EPA adds that there is no threat to the drinking water in Grand Island.