Tri-City Food Fight: The Archway

KEARNEY, Neb. (KSNB) - One museum in the Tri-Cities is taking a different approach to come out on top for the Tri-City Food Fight.

The Archway in Kearney is currently in the lead of the competition. After the last weigh-in, they came out at 525 lbs of canned food collected.

"This competition really brings out the spirit of generosity in the Tri-Cities area, because everybody likes to be involved in it, and they like to feel like they're sharing some happiness over the holidays," said Mark Foradori, marketing coordinator at The Archway. "And it also has that competitive edge to it which is kind of fun too."

After not fairing too well last year, Foradori said the museum wanted to try a different strategy.

So for this year, they got several community organizations involved in the drive. People can drop off non-perishable food items there, and those places will bring the food to the Archway.

"For some people coming out to the Archway from Kearney is a little inconvenient, particularly when you have the weather like we had over the weekend here. When I called up different organizations in town and I said, "Do you want to help us with this?" And everybody said yes," Foradori said.

Foradori said he brings the cans to one of three local food pantries every week. They are The Eastlawn Food Pantry, The Little Free Food Pantry at Faith United Methodist Church and the Jubilee Center.

Other locations that are acting as drop-off sites in Kearney include:

G.W. Frank Museum of History and Culture
The Kearney Community Theater
The Kearney Area Community Foundation
The Kearney Chamber of Commerce
The Kearney Area Children's Museum
1st United Methodist Church
Merryman Center
Crane River Theater Company
UNK Theater Department
Nebraska Firefighters Museum

You can also drop the canned food items at the Stuhr Museum or the Hastings Museum up through December 31.