Tri-City Roadrunner growing in it's second year of operations

Published: Jan. 15, 2019 at 5:51 PM CST
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The Tri-City Roadrunner is looking to expand and upgrade as it moves into its second year of fixed location transport. “It was quite chaotic,” said Curtis Richter administrative assistant for the transit manager.

“We had a few glitches, like anybody would starting a new program. But, I think each day we're doing a little better. I think we've gotten to a point where we're just starting to fine tune things.”

The program is moving forward: getting two new busses, building shelters at their busiest stops, and trying out new routes and timetables to see what works best for the community.

There may even be an app in the future to help riders schedule and view their busses in real-time. That would cost about $45,000 or more, according to Richter.

The handy bus has been available to Scotts Bluff County residents for years. As of January 10th, the fixed route schedule transportation has officially beaten a year, filling a need in a town where ridesharing services haven't fared well so far.

Taxi’s and rideshares don’t seem to do well in this community, but folks still need to get to the doctor or go shopping. People without licenses need to be independent and somehow make it where they need to go. That’s why the Tri-city bus is meeting a very important civic need.

“Most of our funding comes from the transit administration. And then, the state and the county split the rest of the costs equally. And, our costs locally are offset by fares and contracts we have with other entities for transportation,” Richter told NBC.

The orange and blue routs for fixed schedule rides fall along the highest traffic routes for the previously existing system. Talks are in place with Terry Town and Gering about their needs. As the Tri-city Roadrunner expands those orange and blue routes, coverage may soon reach more of those county residents.

Right now, the cost of a one-way bus ticket is $2, a day pass is $5, and a monthly pass is $45.

Learn more about Tri-City roadrunner handy bus and flexible route schedules and fares by visiting