Tri-ball, a twist on the game of volleyball, coming to central Nebraska

HASTINGS, Neb. (KSNB) It looks, plays and scores a lot like regular volleyball, but tri-ball is a little different. The game is played by three teams at once, each with three members. It's on a round court divided by three nets.

The Overland Trails Council of the Boy Scouts is putting on tri-ball tournaments in Grand Island on July 13 and Kearney July 14.

Sarah Cathcart, one of the event organizers, says if you know regular volleyball, you'll take right to this.

"(it's the) same basic kind of volleyball rules, so if you have any experience with volleyball, you're going to kind of know what's going on," said Cathcart. "Come out, try it. There's other people that it's going to be new for."

Gentry Neilson, also with the Overland Trails Council, says this isn't a Scouts event. It's open to anyone and everyone that wants to play. The Scouts though will benefit from the proceeds.

"It goes toward leadership training, our summer camps, day camps - all that things that we do to continue changing the lives of youth around the 44 counties in Nebraska we cover," said Neilson.

The Grand island event will be held at Stolley Park. In Kearney they will be at Nina Hammer Park. There is a 24 team limit for each.

Registration for both events can be done at the Scouts event web site.

You can also can Sarah Cathcart at (308) 440-6226 to register.