Trooper describes how NSP handles armed arrest

HASTINGS, Neb. (KSNB) - A video of Nebraska State Troopers arresting a man after stealing a semi-truck went viral this week. The video of troopers arresting a suspect near downtown Hastings may seem exciting, but troopers say it's commonplace.

“This is very routine,” Trooper Chris Christen said. “This is 99% of the high risk stops that we make, these felony stops, this is the way it goes.”

Troopers say the suspect stole the semi-truck from Grand Island and when troopers realized they may have to start a pursuit they had to act fast.

“On video that looked like that was the most exciting and dangerous part and it really wasn't because you know when he came out of the vehicle I could see him in the cab, I could see his hands. The scariest part of this situation was the prior events, a big vehicle coming into my community with the potential to cause great damage and harm,” Trooper Christen said.

Trooper Christen made the arrest and he says he had to find a way to warn the people ahead what was coming. He is also trained as a crisis negotiator and he had to find a way to calmly get the suspect to pull over.

“We are trained to address the person's emotional state. You address their emotional state quite often you can help that anxiety and that panic come down,” Trooper Christen said.

As the video shows, troopers got the man to surrender and nobody got hurt during the chase. Trooper Christen says a lot of the people they encounter are panicked and have made a lot of mistakes that have lead them to a pair of handcuffs.

“It was a person who made a really bad choices. Is he evil? I don't believe so, I think he just made a bad choice,” Trooper Christen said.

As for the man arrested for stealing the semi, 30-year-old Juan Aguilar-Alvarez, is charged with felony theft. His next court appearance in Hall County is December 14th.