UNK gets a one-of-a-kind childhood learning center.

KEARNEY, Neb. (KSNB) - The brand new education center at UNK has multiple purposes. Providing workers, students and people in the community with early education learning services, care services, offering Montessori Education and giving students hands-on experience as they do work-study at the university.

U-N-K get Montessori Learning Center

The center is named after Lavonne Kopecky Plambeck and she is still passionate and dedicated to education.

"They are trying to figure out, who am I? who will I be? The foundation that is being laid is going to make the difference on whether you are going to be a doctor, lawyer, I don't care, just as long as you know who you are," said LaVonne Kopecky Plambeck.

As people took tours, they got to learn and appreciate what the center will be offering.

"As we have looked across the country there is no other public University who is doing this in cooperation with Montessori education. This is a very historic day for Kearney but it is also a great day for rural Nebraska," said UNK Chancellor, Doug Kristensen.

Many unique learning tools and environments are a part of Montessori Teaching. Hallways are used as learning centers along with small intimate classroom sizes.

What I like is that a lot of the centers inside have also been put outside so you can do some of the same discoveries outside in a different environment again, so that is nice," said Deb Zuelow, Director, Early Childhood Education Center.

There are 11 classrooms serving 180 kids. The center should open around march of 2020.