UNK implements new programs and safety measures for fall semester

KEARNEY, Neb. (KSNB) - Campus is still and quiet at University Nebraska-Kearney, just like all campuses across the country.

The Bell Tower on UNK's campus.

However they are making plans to safely return for the fall semester, starting with making individual dorm rooms more available.

"We looked at how we could best implement some social distancing practices, and we thought singles would be a good option," said UNK Associate Dean of Residence Life George Holman.

The single rooms would be available for all students, and the number of those rooms are increasing.

They are also cutting that extra price in half from $600 to $300.

"This will give them not only the opportunity to social distance but feel safer in their own spaces," said Holman.

Holman said they'd like to give everyone their own room, but they just don't have the bed space.

They are also going forward with a new program. called O.N.E. (Online Networking Experience) Loper.

This program is made for first-year students, giving them the option to while start their class work...While living off-campus

"The idea over the entire program was to provide opportunities for students that might be impacted by the coronavirus, and might be contemplating not coming to UNK or going to college in general," said O.N.E. Loper Program Director Matt Bice.

All of the classes they are offering through the program are gen-ed courses, meaning they will go to your degree no matter what your major is.

They are also going out of their way to keep interaction between the students high. Even if they are at home.

"Not only will they interact with each other in their individual courses, but all of these incoming freshman are going to be able to collaborate through different events," said Bice. "We're going to be able to integrate some pretty interactive activities to provide to the students, to kinda get that on campus feel but in a virtual environment."

UNK is still planning on getting back to campus in August, but this gives everyone the opportunity to get their college career started no matter their situation.

"This is an exciting opportunity that we just want to offer to those students that might have been impacted and say, 'hey here at unk we're here for you," said Bice. "We're here to be flexible, to accomodate, and to provide opportunities for you.'"