UNK unveils electric scooters to help with campus transportation

KEARNEY, Neb. (KSNB) - This week UNK has rolled out a new way to get around campus. They now have nine motorized scooters to help students get around campus faster.

Students at UNK will now have a new way to get around campus. They have added electric scooters as a way to travel. (KSNB)

They cost just a dollar to start and then 15 cents for every minute that's used after that. There's no extra cost to students besides the fee for those who use them.

“So the university we reached out to a vendor to explore different opportunities for students,” Business Services Director Michael Christen said. “Transportation on campus, especially as we plan to extend west with our new stem building and so we've got these electric scooters here on campus that I think is something new and exciting for students.”

UNK will see how popular they are and consider getting more in the future. They're managed by a company who picks them up each night to be charged and then dropped off at different locations in the morning. This will also be in addition to their already existing bike rental program. Tour guides say their guests have been getting excited when they see the scooters.

“Lots of these high schoolers have seen these in big cities especially kids in Omaha have ridden them downtown in Omaha which is pretty cool that they get to come here to UNK and get the same exact experience,” UNK Student Chief of Staff Reid Behnar said.

On snowy and icy days the scooters will not be put out, but they will still be used on clear days in the winter.