UNK wrestlers help those in need

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KEARNEY, Neb. (KSNB) - Gloves and face masks, not what you would typically see a wrestler wearing under normal circumstances. Since, UNK wrestling coach Dalton Jensen came up with the idea to help out the Kearney Jubliee Center and Hot Meals, USA, it's customary. Even when it may not have been easy.

"I was fully committed to staying at home, sleeping all day and feeling sorry for Jarrod but they set up some volunteer stuff for us and said as much as you don't want to do it necessarily right now I think it's good that you go out and do it," UNK senior Jarrod Hinrichs said. "It has been really good. I really enjoy doing this. It's a good time to hangout with some of the other teammates going around and volunteering. It has helped get over some of the bad news."

Knowing how much the Kearney community has supported them over the years, not even Anthony Mancini's torn ACL has stopped them from giving back.

"There's people that are struggling much worse than just missing an opportunity that we had at just wrestling," Jensen said. "It's just a sport where as some people are just struggling to get a daily meal. So, this is a small way that we can help out."

"We fund-raise most of our wrestling program stuff, like we wouldn't have most of the stuff we have if it wasn't for the Kearney community, so just as minimal as it is, it feels really good to give back just in the smallest way possible," Hinrichs said

Serving hundreds of hot meals a-day, Hot Meals, USA needs all the help they can get. And the Loper wrestling team is happy to lend a happy hand.