Using words to stay strong, positive through adversity

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GRAND ISLAND, Neb. (KSNB) - Sometimes words are the only thing strong enough to get people through adversity...adversity such as the Coronavirus pandemic.

Card My Yard is putting signs up in front of houses in Grand Island to spread hope and positivity during this pandemic.

Card My Yard is a company which prints off, and displays, signs in front of people's homes. Signs that typically read "Congratulations", "Happy birthday", or "Welcome Home". They still read that, however recently the signs have began to show phrases of hope and positivity.

These signs read "Smile", "Don't worry, be happy", "Pray" and "Life is good". The signs are large and colorful, often displaying pictures as well. They're meant to help people and put a smile on a face or two during this interesting time.

"It's a scary, confusing time, especially for kids," Alysha Penas, the owner of Card My Yard said. "So it's kind of fun when they can walk around and see that it just helps brighten their day a little bit."

One neighbor who got involved with the "movement" is Nathan Miller. His sign reads "Choose Joy".

"It was a no brainer for me," Miller said. "For me it was, this is the best way to lift people's spirits as it's a difficult time right now so we're all praying for each other and trying to stay positive."

Miller mentioned that Nebraska has faced adversity before, as has the Country, and as a state, region and Nation, Miller believes there's nothing our people can't fight through.

"I think Nebraska is full of genuine authentic people and that's the cool thing about living in the Midwest, I think people care for each other."

Penas decided to take action when she began to realize that things were changing and people were becoming frightened. Once she put here sign in front of her home, more started popping up. She says orders continue to come in, people continue to want in.

The message of the signs is simple.

"Hopefully everybody can work together to get through it come together as a community and do the best they can at living their normal lives and smiling, staying through it," Penas said.

Anyone interested in acquiring a sign for their yard can visit Alysha's website.