Veteran laid to rest by friends and community

HASTINGS, Neb. (KSNB) - On a regular March day, James Nathan Davis passed away alone in his apartment. His friends had seen him just the day before playing video games and talking about his time in the Air Force.

“I thought a lot about him. We talked, he'd come over at Christmas a lot and we just shared meals and stuff,” Friend Neil Everson said. “It just hit me hard when he passed away so quick.”

Police couldn't find any of Davis' family alive so it was turning out to be a lonely affair. The Adams County Veterans Association, the Livingston Butler Volland Funeral Home, and his landlord and friends wanted to make sure Davis got a proper military burial

Word got out about the event and over 50 members of the Patriot Guard and dozens of Hastings residents came to pay their respects.

His landlord and friend Greg Sinner accepted the folded flag, but had an idea on how to better remember james.

“We had talked and I came up with the idea that we'll just donate it back to the Adams County Veterans Association and let Chris Long decide when and where it should be flown under the respect of the flag,” Sinner said.

A color guard played taps and gave Davis a military salute.

So on a windy April day, James Nathan Davis was laid to rest surrounded not by his blood family, but by family of a different kind.

“He would be amazed,” Sinner said. “One thing he might be is a little embarrassed because he was not a real social type person but he was well deserving of this in the end and I think he would be smiling.”