Veterans honored in Maywood

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Maywood, Neb. (KOLN)) - Tom Nutt and his wife Sharon, originally from Elsie, Nebraska, were special guests from Holdrege for the 21st annual Maywood Veterans Day program
Adrienne Johnson starting hosting the program in 1998. Today a color guard presented flags, followed by music by the 7-12th grade band. The kindergarten and first grade classes led the Pledge of Allegiance.
Tom was the special guest, and he shared memories with the crowd of students, veterans, and other guests about his experiences in Vietnam. Like many young men from the era, he went from playing high school football games and hunting and fishing, to combat in a foreign land. He says an experience like that changes you forever.
"You go from playing sports in high school and hunting and fishing and your friends...then you're actually in a combat zone halfway across the world. So, it's a very traumatic experience, " said Nutt.
Tom and Sharon's first daughter, Sara Lee was born in 1967 while he was overseas, and the military told him when she arrived. He told of lost friends, and talking about experiences - good and bad. He said for a long time he did not share stories of the experience, but with the encouragement of others, has found that it is important to talk about it with others.
Tom went on to have a career with the Nebraska State Patrol and
to be Phelps County Sheriff, be named by Governor Pete Ricketts to the Commission on Information & Technology and to have a second daughter, Kris. Not a day has gone by since coming home from Vietnam that he hasn't thought about the war. He says vets should talk about their experiences, because it helps.

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