Water as high as 17 feet high hit Gibbon stranding cars, people and their pets

Gibbon, Neb. - (KSNB) Torrential rain caused a big headache for Gibbon. The north side town got hit the hardest, with 17 feet of rain.

Emergency crews rescued people stranded in home and in cars.

Highway 30 was closed to traffic but the Fire Chief Browns says people still drove around the barricades and got stuck. The majority of the car rescues on highway 30 were from people trying to make it to Grand Island.

The main street in Gibbon got hit so hard there were several businesses closed as well as cars under water.

At it's highest point the flood level was about 17 feet high. Emergency staff says the rain hit hard and fast putting emergency crews into immediate action.

"We did an evacuation of the north side of town, it was not mandatory but voluntary. We ended up bringing 44 people and nine pets across," said Fire Chief Rick Brown.

By Friday morning that number had risen to 55 people having to be rescued.

With Highway 30 closed, and many streets still flooded people had to trek to their destination on foot.

"We just tried to get out to the store to get stuff for Saturday and we can't even get to Dollar General on the other side of the bridge, Finally we decided to walk over the bridge and we walked over and it was closed," said Aharon Blacock, not able to work due to flooding.

Along with the home rescues, 10 people had to be rescued from their cars.

A lot of debris was also on the train tracks that crews worked to clear up.

Fire Chief Brown adds that his crew did an awesome job rescuing people as it was something they were not trained for.