Western Hastings hit with powerful winds and hail overnight

HASTINGS, Neb. (KSNB) - At about three in the morning Friday, a heavy storm passed over Hastings dumping hail and blowing strong winds in the west part of town. There are trees down, leaves shredded, and even some windows that were broken from the golf ball sized hail and winds there reached more than 75 mph.

Early Friday morning, the west side of Hastings was hit with 75 mph winds and golf ball sized hail. (KSNB)

“It was crazy it was almost unreal we could hear kids crying, they were scared in the building,” Hastings resident Sonia Klouse said.

Clouse lives near the Hastings Municipal Airport where it saw the worst of the storm.

“The door both at our building was completely open from the wind and the one across the courtyard was unhinged it was hanging off the side,” Klouse said.

Some of the rooms at Parklane Apartments had broken windows and large trees down. The neighborhood around it had piles of hail late into the afternoon and everything was covered in leaves.

On other parts of town, the Adams County YWCA saw significant damage to their garage.

“So when we came back to the warehouse, all four of the garage doors were totally ripped down and they're about double the size of a normal garage door so it must have been some pretty strong wind in order to take those down,” YWCA Executive Director Laura Stutte said.

The wind gauge at the airport actually went offline so it was hard to see just how fast the wind gusts were for a time. It is also why the sirens were not sounded because they did not have a consistent report. Now people are dealing with damaged siding and vehicles.

“Looks like round four, round four and I think the majority of power has been restored at this time,” Adams County Emergency Manager Ron Pughes said. “They did a great job, roads departments city and county have done a great job of getting out there and getting the debris cleared off. getting the roads cleaned back up?”

The Jerry Spady car dealership also flooded with water and Tom Dinsdale allowed them to move their cars into their lot for safety. They had no damage to the cars and no water got into their building.

While the flooding has started to go down and the creeks have crested Friday afternoon, there will still be some county roads that a barricaded that people should try and avoid. For now, it's just another round of clean up for Hastings.