Which gas option is best for your car

GRAND ISLAND, Neb. (KSNB) - Nebraska is the number two ethanol-producing state in the country.

New ethanol rules give drivers new choices for gasoline. (Source: KSNB)

With the many new varieties of ethanol mixed gas, options at the pump can get overwhelming.

The new E-15 grade of gas was recently approved to be sold year round, it is not a seasonal gas. The ethanol blend gasses are a cleaner burning gas and better for the environment.

If you have a newer car you can go with the less expensive ethanol blends.

"E-15 is obviously a lot cheaper at $2.199. The blend of ethanol is much higher and ethanol is cheaper than gasoline. Being in the midwest with all of our ethanol it's a higher blend and brings the price down," said Zac Griess, Director of Petroleum, Bosselman.

With the ethanol blends, although great for the environment, you won't get as much mileage and making that decision at the pump can get confusing.

"Whenever I get gas, I know there are a lot of options so I just wing it and hope for the best," says 20-year-old Blake Paulson.

With all of the choices available, there is money to be saved but certain vehicles do require the right gas.

"Unleaded 87 is a clear product, so motorcycles, boats and some vehicles you wouldn't want to run ethanol in. Super unleaded 87 is an ethanol product, it is for people who want to save money as it is 30 cents cheaper than the regular product," continued Griess.

If you have a new car it will have on the gas lid if you can use the flex fuels.

"I've been driving for a while and when I come to the gas station I get the option with no ethanol because my parents say it is the best," said 16-year-old Anna Stanley.

Older cars should stick with the super unleaded 87 and 88. But if money is not a factor, you can go with the unleaded 87, Although more money, it will give you the best mileage for your car.

If you are still unsure about which gas is right for your car, the best option is to check your owners manual.