UPDATE: Woman arrested for sending enticing messages to boy was para-educator at Hastings High School

HASTINGS, Neb. (KSNB) A former para-educator at Hastings high school faces felony charges in a sexting investigation.

Jeinny Ramos-Sotelo, 29, Hastings is charged with Enticement by electronic communication device and with intentional child abuse, both felonies.

According to an arrest affidavit Ramos-Sotelo, was a para-educator at Hastings High School and worked closely with the 14-year-old boy involved in the relationship.

The document indicated that Ramos and the student exchanged electronic messages of a sexual nature, and that the two had kissed, but there had been no other sexual contact.

Court records also showed that at one point the boy's mother asked the school to take the boy out of the class Ramos worked with, but didn't disclose why.

KSNB Local4 reached out to Superintendent Craig Kautz, who said that Ramos did work at Hastings High School as a para-educator, but that she is no longer employed. Kautz had no further comment stating that it was a personal matter.

Hastings Police arrested Ramos Friday.

The investigation is ongoing.