Wood River residents wait for river to crest

WOOD RIVER, Neb. (KSNB) - Several places across Nebraska are still underwater and waiting for rivers to crest. Wood River being one of them.

“It just came up so quickly. Within an hour we were under water,” Wood River Resident Patty Debraal said.

Waters quickly rose friday afternoon in wood river. Dozens of people rushed to the high school to find refuge and fill even more sandbags.

“It was organized chaos. Things went better from there. We took in, right now we've got about 60 and we had more than that but some were transferred to another location,” Red Cross Disaster Action Team Member Leonard Guzinski said.

Most of the main roads into town have water running over them. The farther east into town, the deeper the water. People are using sandbags to line their yards and hoping the waters will stop rising soon.

“There's parts of town that it is 4 and 5 feet deep,” Wood River Fire Chief Todd King said. “Especially what we call Canal Street which would be 11th Street. We ask people not to drive and cross that water because we had to do several vehicle rescues.”

Two people had to climb to the top of their truck while the fire department waded through deep water to get to them. The Wood River is still in major flooding stage and the crest isn't expected until early next week.

“We've been warm and safe and we've got two feet of sewage in our basement but thank god we're alive,” Debraal said.