Wood River residents encouraged to evacuate

WOOD RIVER, Neb. (KSNB) - Water has been pouring into Wood River all day. With ditches filling and roads flooding, people are still being encouraged to get out of their homes.

"I would rather not have to do a water rescue, same with the Fire Department, at 2 in the morning or an ambulance call where the water is two feet deep and someone has medical problems," Wood River Mayor Greg Cramer said. "Please stay out of your house if you had problems before."

The American Red Cross opened an evacuation shelter at Wood River High School. They're encouraging people to stay there until the risk of flooding is over.

"Once you say flash floods, one minute it can be calm and the next minute the whole house can be gone in 30 seconds or less," Shelter Manager Douglas Evaretts said."

The Red Cross has everything their guests will need from food and water to bathroom supplies. They also have games and activities to keep children and families busy.

"You just need to get here safely," Evaretts said. "You technically don't need to bring nothing. But if you'd like to bring your pillows and have time to get out of the house safely, you can bring your pillows."

The shelter also has medical staff on site to help people in need of both physical and mental care.