Work session held to discuss Osborne Drive viaduct safety options

Published: Dec. 2, 2019 at 11:09 PM CST
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The immediate safety issue of the Osborne Drive Viaduct was the topic of the Monday night Hastings City Council work session.

Council members went over their options, trying to decide the best route to solve the problem of the overpass safety issues and not leave the taxpayers footing the bill.

The Osborne Drive overpass is falling apart, the area doesn't get a lot of use but the danger is still there.

"Unfortunately in that type of situation, all it takes is once instance like someone walking their dog. You hate to see something tragic occur on a fluke incident. The condition the bridge is in pretty bad, there are pieces coming off and that makes it an immediate danger to the public," said Jay Bleier, Olsson Engineering.

With the bridge temporarily closed to drivers, emergency crews have to find other routes.

If there is an extensive accident we reroute over to Baltimore, the railroad crossing and to Elm," said Hastings Police Chief Adam Story.

If the bridge is torn down permanently and not replaced it will increase traffic on Burlington.

"My opinion is they might want to invest in getting a new structure instead of investing in what is out there as they may get more bang for there buck so to speak," adds Bleier.

The options include making temporary repairs or extensive repairs. They can tear it down and replace it or just tear it down completely.

Making repairs temporary or long term, will still leave the city needing a new bridge down the road.

All four options come with a significant cost ranging from $3 million to $16 million.

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