Ashton Lambie's pursuit for world record on hold

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HASTINGS, Neb. (KSNB) - Lincoln native and Hastings college alum, Ashton Lambie did not grow up in the big city, but it still has not stopped him from becoming one of the best cyclists in the world.

Last September, he broke the world record in individual pursuit for the third time on the fastest track in the world in Bolivia, Colombia.

"It was just so fast. Just doing that opening effort. I was like 'oh my god,' that was so fast. This is going to be nuts, dude," Lambie said.

Since then it was broken by Italian, Fillipo Ganna three times. He broke last at the 2020 World Championships in Berlin, Germany with a time of 4:01.934. Lambie came in second in the race with a personal best time of 4:03.640.

Between the two, they have broken the record six times since 2018. Before that, it was only broken once since 1996 (Jack Bobridge, 2011).

"It's just such an exciting time to be in that discipline of this sport that seeing everyone pushing the envelope so far," Lambie said.

Now the sport is on hold after the International Cycling Union suspended all competitions until June 1st. Right when Lambie was prepping to go to Bolivia to try to break the world record for a fourth time.

"I was in Colorado Springs training to be in altitude to get ready to go to Bolivia and then it was like this isn't happening, what's next. Still trying to figure it out," Lambie said.

Lambie does not know the next time he will compete, but he still is always going to ride, mustache and all.