Boeve's showing the importance of family

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HASTINGS, Neb. (KSNB) - Across the Tri-Cities, public schools are closed indefinitely giving families a more time together than they are used too. For the Boeve's, they are putting that time to good use.

At Lloyd Wilson Field, Mike and Jennifer Boeve practice with Dad, Jim. For all three, they have played baseball and softball their entire lives. For Jennifer, her softball season is over at Northwestern but for Mike's, his season is only suspended.

"You want to be optimistic and think that season could come back but in reality you don't know how long this could last," Mike said. "You just have to keep preparing and keep working hard for if that moment does come."

Jennifer and Mike do not know the next time they will play in front of fans but for now they are fine playing in front of empty bleachers, fielding balls and working on their swing.

"The opportunity to come out here, we don't take it for granted anymore because all this has happened. So, we're just kind of blessed to have this opportunity to come out here," Mike said.

"This kind of really gets it back to where it all started," Jim Boeve said. "You know when they were four, five and six you really weren't worried about the uniforms or who the opponent was, what the schedule was or who was going to umpire that day. You just went out there and played."

No one knows for certain when sports will come back but if there is one thing for certain, the Boeve's will be ready when it does.