Carrie and Devin Eighmey, and their Loper family

Carrie and Devin Eighmey coach up the Lopers during a timeout.
Carrie and Devin Eighmey coach up the Lopers during a timeout.(KSNB)
Published: Feb. 10, 2020 at 9:53 PM CST
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"You know I don't think we were very good at it to start early on, had a lot to learn still about each other, because our first year working together was our first year of marriage," sai.d Carrie Eighmey.

The head coach of the UNK women's basketball team is talking about her husband Devin, who when Carrie first came to UNK, was an assistant on the men's basketball team

"He kind of started stopping by my office often, and we just got to know each other,” said Carrie. “Then obviously we started dating and got engaged."

Then they got married, and Devin joined the women's coaching staff. Where they have shared the same sideline together now for all four years of their marriage.

"A lot of people say, how do you do it?” said Devin. “It's like we're blessed, I get to spend 95 percent of my time with my significant other every day."

Their relationship has given them an advantage that some other staffs don't have

"I think that's one thing that's really good, is we can be real. And I mean real,” said Devin. “And I some staffs I've seen before you can't really say stuff, you're walking on eggshells."

For the most part the two are on the same wavelength when it comes to philosophies and gameplans, but just like any staff, they don't always agree.

"We always joke that the only thing we don't always agree on is basketball and coaching decisions," said Carrie.

And the ladies tend to take the head coach’s side on those arguments.

(SOT / Brooke Carlson / Sophomore / Center)

"Usually Coach Carrie wins those ones,” said sophomore Brooke Carlson. “She usually gets some support from the team but we love Coach Dev too."

The Eighmeys live, breathe, and sleep Loper women's basketball. And consider the team as part of their family.

"We're committed to them and their success, and spend a lot of time to try and make sure they accomplish all of the things that they have dreamed about since they were little girls," said Carrie.

"Our kids are a really important part of our lives. We haven't been fortunate enough to have a kid yet, and either way we're all in on what we do,” said Devin. “The 15 individuals we have on our roster, we try to make sure daily they know we care about them, we love them, and we geel grateful that we have the opportunity to coach them."

As long as the Eighmeys are at the helm, I think it's safe to say the 23rd-ranked Lopers (22-2) are in good hands.

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