Coaches continue to support spring-athletes

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HASTINGS, Neb. (KSNB) - There for the good times and for the bad times, coaches are always there for their athletes. Now, they are needed more than ever.

"Kids are hurting right now but if I can share a few words encouragement and say some things either via social media or a messaging app, I think it's important for coaches to continue coaching," Kearney Boys Soccer Coach Scott Steinbrook said.

"This is something bigger than High School sports. It was something unexpected that took sports away and you just try and be as sensitive as possible and really just there for them through this," Northwest Track Coach Brandon Harrington said.

Without a track or field to run on athletes do not have the means to workout like they have in the past. But coaches still do not want them to give up on working out all together.

"It will have a trickle effect so for those kids to understand it's important to stay active and to do what the quarantine will allow is key," Harrington said.

Across Nebraska spring athletes are grappling with the fact their season was cut short. But while the season may already be gone, their coaches are not.

"Coaches across the state and region are going to continue to do be there for their athletes because that's what we signed up for," Steinbrook said "It's not a one season thing for a lot of these kids we've known them since they've been in elementary school and we're going to kind of see them to the finish line especially for the seniors. We're going to get them off and running to the next phase of life, whatever that may be."

Both Steinbrook and Harrington express sentiment to the seniors who did not get their last chance to represent their school but they want athletes to know the pandemic is much bigger than sports.