Georgia girl travels nearly 1,200 miles to honor Great-Grandfather

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ARAPAHOE, Neb - Elise Musser competed like every athlete at the Jim Mather Invitational. Only she had to travel a bit farther, nearly 1,200 miles. Musser is the great-grandaughter of Jim Mather, who the meet is named after.

For Musser, traveling from the state of Georgia to compete was not easy.

"It's a little nervous because I have never done this before. I have never flown anywhere to race," Musser said. "I have never really raced without my team and my coaches there with me."

While she did not have her coaches, she was joined by her family. The stands were lined with orange shirts sporting the name of her school, Parkview, and Musser's grandmother was cheering her on throughout.

"We are super proud of her. Elise is really the only one of his children, grandchildren and now great grandchildren that is an athlete." Elise's grandmother, Lynn Musser said.

Jim Mather was quite the athlete himself. In 1936, he set the all-class record for the long jump, which still stands as Arapahoe's school record.

"It is just such an honor for her to be here to carry on her great grandfather's legacy," Arapahoe principal Bob Braithwait said.

"It's really exciting. I would be honored if my great grandfather," Arapahoe senior, Josyln North said. "Like that would be really cool. I just think its great she comes down here and is doing it for her great-grandfather."

What makes this story even better is Musser went on to the win the two-mile race.