Giltner girls track state title streak put on hold

Published: Apr. 10, 2020 at 8:43 PM CDT
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The Giltner girls track and field team has built a dynasty in recent years.

The Hornets had never won a state championship before 2015. Since then, they have won five in a row.

The five straight titles are most consecutive titles and overall titles in Class D history.

Unfortunately for the Hornets, they wont get a shot at the sixth this year.

"It was very disappointing," said Giltner track and field coach Nancy Lockmon. "Probably more disappointing for our team because of those circumstances that we had a chance at a sixth one."

"All that hard work again doesn't get to be shown. Because we were all working for it and knew we could do it," said Giltner senior Hannah Preissler. "But we can't anymore."

Number six looked very promising. Giltner had eight seniors on this year's team. One of those seniors being Preissler.

The University of Nebraska track and field commit was going for the clean sweep this year. Four pole vault state championships and four team state titles, in four years.

Instead, her and the rest of the seniors will have to stick with just three.

"It still hasn't hit me. I can't imagine going on without this season," said Preissler. "We've all worked so hard, and all of that hard work doesn't get to be shown on the track."

"It's a season lost. Yes our underclassmen will have another shot at it, but our seniors will never get that. So it's a lot of unknowns," said Lockmon. "Could we have done this? Could we have done that? So a lot of unknowns that we will never know."

The state titles are something they will remember and cherish forever. But it's the little things about being a part of a team that they hold on to most.

"The thing I miss the most right now is being able to see my teammates and practice with them," said Preissler.

"Most of them said it's just being around their teammates and making memories, and a lot of those things they're really gonna miss," said Lockmon. "It's the same thing for the coaches. The coaches feel the same way."

This is a sad end to a season that never started and Giltner is losing a lot of talent and experience. But if we know anything about the Hornets, it's that they haven't lost their stingers. Lockmon will have them ready to go in 2021.

"We'll try to build upon it, and that's what we've always done. That's what our program is based on."

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