Hastings College soccer player provides perspective on Italy's lockdown

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HASTINGS, Neb. (KSNB) - College students around the country have traveled back home with classes now online. Some traveled a lot more than others, which was the case for Hastings College sophomore, Nicholas Cudini.

Cudini is back in his hometown of Pocenia, Italy, a small town an hour east of Venice. Italy was one of the first countries hit hard by the virus and leads the world in deaths from COVID-19. According to John Hopkins University, there total, as of Wednesday, April 8, is 17,669.

Since Monday, March 9, Italy has been on lockdown. Other than essential workers, no one is allowed to leave their home. One exception is trips to the grocery store.

"For us going to the grocery shop is the best moment of the day. It's the only opportunity for us to actually going out," Cudini said. "For me, I feel lucky because I have a big garden and I'm living in a house. I have a dog. So I can actually go out of my room."

Cudini has been back home since Wednesday, April 1. He was in quarantine for two weeks in Hastings after travelling to Spain.

"For the first period I was in America so I didn't suffer the same time but talking to friends and talking to Italians it's becoming tough," Cudini said.

The country is reviewing its lockdown measures every two weeks. The next review is Monday, April 13. Italy has seen a decrease in it's number of new cases since March 21.

As for Cudini, he is happy to ride out the pandemic with his Mom and Dad and is excited to return to Hastings for the fall semester.