Hastings College volleyball finding its stride at right time

HASTINGS, Neb. -- The Hastings College volleyball team knows a thing or two about going through a tough stretch. In an 11-day stretch in late-September, the once national champion Broncos went 2-3 over the span of five matches.

However, things are looking up for HC as of late. They've since rattled off five-straight wins to start October, and they are now prepping for a week on the road with a Wednesday match at Doane University. They'll then trek to Morningside for a weekend match.

Head coach Matt Buttermore says the wins simply mean so much mor ethis time of year than they did back in September.

"This time of year, every ranking matters because it's all based on the national polls," Buttermore said. "You want to be winning this time of the year. An early loss you can overcome or an early couple of losses you can overcome, and usually it's good to challenge yourself enought that you are losing so you can learn enough about yourself so that when you get to this time of the year, there's not that many surprises."