Hastings' Little League and Legion baseball seasons full of uncertainty

Hastings Baseball Committee Chairman Gail Jones stands on the mound at the empty Duncan Field.
Hastings Baseball Committee Chairman Gail Jones stands on the mound at the empty Duncan Field.(KSNB)
Published: Mar. 21, 2020 at 6:57 PM CDT
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Baseball is America's pastime, and a staple in Hastings, Nebraska.

"It's a baseball town. Has been for years," said Hastings Baseball Committee Chairman Gail Jones.

Every summer the stands fill up at the local ballparks to watch little league and legion ballplayers fall in love with the game.

With the outbreak of COVID-19 it is uncertain if, or when, we will see those bleacher fill up again.

"We are kind of in a holding pattern waiting until the time comes that we can safely have the kids start participating and playing baseball," said Jones. "When that will be, we have no idea."

Summer baseball gives kids the opportunity to be a part of a team and learn life lessons.

But in a crisis like the one we are dealing with now, health and safety matter much more. There's no doubt this is a very challenging time for kids.

"I think right now our concerns are more about our children being healthy, and that we're doing the right thing. So when the day comes that they can play ball they are all there and able to play," said Jones. "Hopefully the time we can play ball, we will be a part of the healing process for them."

The world is full of uncertainty, and so is summer baseball. Jones, who has been a part of little league and legion baseball in Hastings for over 25 years, knows it will be a very special day when the kids take the field once again.

"It's an emotional time. Just talking to you here I'm a little emotional, but better days are ahead for our kids."

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