Husker Offense Shows Promise In First Week Back

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The Nebraska football team practiced for two hours on Wednesday outside on the Ed and Joyanne Gass practice fields in full pads and helmets.

Offensive Coordinator Troy Walters spoke to the media following practice and talked about how he wants his offense to fix problems itself on the practice field, as it would during a game.

“You have to work through it. In the game if things don’t go your way you’re not going to be able to stop the game and so we kind of let them work through it,” Walters said. “Leaders have to step up and hold guys accountable and call guys out. Then we’ll watch the tape, and talk to them on what we can do better. It really comes down to leaders holding each other accountable.”

In addition to leadership and accountability, Walters said the Huskers’ practice structure is also set up to allow for a seamless transition for substitutions.

“That’s how we practice. We practice with a lot of guys rotating in, we really don’t care about who’s with the ones, twos, threes,” Walters said. “You might have so-called ‘two’ receivers or ‘two’ running backs with the ‘one’ quarterback or ‘one’ offensive line, it doesn’t matter. In a game everybody has to be ready to play. I think the way we practice makes game day a lot easier and we’re confident in the guys we put in the game.”

Walters, who also coaches the wide receivers, was also asked about the progress of true freshman wideout Andre Hunt.

“He’s doing a good job,” Walters said of Hunt. “This offense is not the easiest offense to learn and to grasp, and we ask a lot from the outside receivers because they have to know ‘X’ and ‘Z’ and we move them all over the place. He’s done a good job of understanding the offense, he’s made plays, done a good job of studying his playbook and knowing what to do. He has an opportunity to play this year, to be in the rotation and make plays.”

Walters also commented on his confidence in the offensive line.
“When we’re together, and we’re healthy, those guys have done a great job,” he said. “They have confidence in what they’ve been taught, how far they’ve come both on the field but also their bodies. We’re in shape, guys can run, they’re more physical, and it all starts with the offensive line. Those guys up front, and those guys understand that. We’ve got great leaders up front. Jerald Foster, Tanner Farmer, they’re both doing a great job, not only leading the offensive line but leading the offense. Once you get that out of your offensive line, you’re going to be pretty good.”

The Huskers will be back on the practice field on Thursday morning. Nebraska kicks off its season on Saturday, Sept. 1 against Akron at Memorial Stadium at 7 p.m. CT.

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