Isaiah Jackson embracing leadership role at Hastings College

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HASTINGS, Neb - Once a third string quarterback, Isaiah Jackson is expected to start for the Hastings College football team in 2019.

For Jackson, he still remembers what it was like to sit on the bench.

"Wasn't the best sitting on the bench watching other people get there time to shine," Jackson said. "It just gave me a humbling experience. Made me a better person overall. Made me a better player on the field and it just helped me overall"

It showed last season. Against Jamestown, Jackson had the best game of his career. Now in his senior season, he is looked at as one of the leaders.

"He has really established himself as a leader on the field and more importantly off of the field," Hastings College football coach Tony Harper said. "I think the guys have a lot of confidence in him. He is doing a really good job. We expect going into fall camp, with Isaiah being the number one guy as well. He just has a good understanding. He is working really hard and he is throwing the ball really well right now."

Jackson not only has to deal with the stress of learning the playbook but understanding what it takes to be a leader.

"Being more active. Making my voice more vocal. Talking to the players a lot more and stuff like that. Just taking control of the team. Taking control of the offense and just knowing when and what to do at the right time and just making sure everybody is doing what they need to do," Jackson said.

Broncos season opens in August. They look to improve on last years record of 5-6.