Maurice Washington makes court appearance on charges in California

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Husker running back Maurice Washington filed a waiver of arraignment in a California courtroom Wednesday afternoon, according to a spokesman for the Santa Clara County Superior Court.

Washington is facing charges under California’s revenge porn law, as well as possession of child pornography. He is accused of keeping and sending a video of his ex-girlfriend’s reported sexual assault to her, along with the message “remember this hoe”. The video was taken while the victim was a minor.

According to court documents, the sexual assault featured two mutual friends of Washington and the victim. However, Washington did not record the video or take part in the alleged assault.

The waiver filed in court Wednesday means that Washington is “in essence, acknowledging the charges and filing a plea of not guilty at this time”, according to the spokesman.

John Ball, Washington’s attorney in the case, issued a statement saying, "Mr. Washington did appear in court in California today, continuing his active and responsible role in bringing this matter to a close. He will continue to be fully cooperative, and recognizes that this process will take time and requires patience and persistence. He is grateful that all of his family, friends, and supporters are also committed to standing with him to the conclusion of this matter."

Huskers Head Coach Scott Frost said Wednesday that Washington will not participate in Saturday's Spring Game.

Washington is due back in court on May 13th, for an Identification of Counsel hearing.

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