Nebraska women's basketball player and family recover from COVID-19

Kate Cain gets introduced before a Nebraska women's basketball game,
Kate Cain gets introduced before a Nebraska women's basketball game,(KSNB)
Published: May. 9, 2020 at 4:55 PM CDT
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Kate Cain has been a dominant force on the basketball court for the Huskers now for three seasons.

The 6'5" junior center holds the record for blocks in a game, a season and a career. But the most recent challenge her and her family have had to face is something she couldn't just swat away.

"It was definitely scary there for awhile," said Cain.

Kate returned home to Middletown, New York in mid March, when her junior season was cut short.

"It definitely just kind of showed me that nothing is guaranteed season wise, or with anything obviously," said Cain.

Where she lived with her parents and two brothers. Shortly after her arrival her father Tim, deemed an essential worker, became sick.

"We learned that one of his co-workers tested positive, and my dad eventually got tested for it," said Cain. "The whole testing process is crazy just cause it's so prevalent here. So my dad got his results 11 days after he tested."

The test came back positive. In that time Kate's mother Alison, who had a pre-existing immune condition, also contracted the virus.

The virus brought pneumonia with it.

"My mom was wiped out for like two weeks. Like in bed, and she's the type of person to push through being sick," said Cain. "She's really tough with that type of stuff."

Kate and her two brothers were never tested, but they were presumed to have contracted the virus.

Her older brother was sick for over a week, but Kate and her younger brother were asymptomatic

"If my mom didn't get that bad, my whole entire family would've thought that we had bad allergies or a cold or something like that," said Kate.

The family has fully recovered. Kate wants people to know you can recover and be okay, but It's something to take very seriously

"Be smart, make sure you stay clean and are washing your hands. Social distance, do what you're being told to do," said Cain.

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