New DHM's allow Sodbusters to open ballpark to 75 percent capacity

Published: Jun. 17, 2020 at 5:54 PM CDT
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New DHM's will go into effect for all but four Nebraska counties, starting on June 22.

Which is great news for the Hastings Sodbusters and baseball fans.

Before the new restrictions were announced for stage three of reopening Monday, the Sodbusters were limited to filling up Duncan Field to just 25 percent capacity.

Now when the Sodbusters take the field on opening day here in Hastings on June 26th, there will be up to 75 percent capacity allowed.

While this is all very excitingm the Busters have been preparing for 25 percent. Putting in the right safety precautions and informing ticket holders of their plans.

So now they must make adjustments on a very quick turnaround to ensure that the players and fans will be safe at the ballpark.

"We knew that 25 percent was not something that we could sustain, but in the same sense, we thought it was the right thing to do for our players and the community to get baseball going. So 75 percent surely gives us a bigger window to have some success, but again, the health thing is the most important thing," Sodbusters General Manager Scott Golusha said. "Although nine days doesn't seem like it's very far away we got a lot of things to do between now and then, but we are excited to see the Sodbusters run out there."

Galusha said that he couldn't be more thankful for all of the businesses in the community that have continued to sponsor them. Without that support from the get go, he said that Sodbusters baseball this summer wouldn't have been.

"It's the reason that we decided to do this. The support that we have gotten from the community has been second to none. We're so proud of our consistent message that we are sending out to not just our fans and players, but our sponsors and our partners in this. They have continued to support us in a lot of different areas," Galusha said.

They don't only have to prepare for potential health risks, but also for providing all of their players a home.

Because of COVID-19 the rosters have increased this year. The players stay with host families every summer while they play ball, but the increase in roster size has a few players looking for a place to call home this season.

"We are asking for the community to see if they have an extra room and want to support these guys. The families just love it that do it, and they are our best spokes people for that," Galusha said. "The relationships that they build with these guys, and they sort of follow them for the rest of their career, and if they have youngsters in the house it's neat for those kids to look up to a guy that gets to play at this level."

There are benefits that come along with being a host family as well.

If you are interested in becoming a host family or want to learn more, you can give their office a call at 402-303-6472 or shoot them an email at

Too checkout the Sodbusters' schedule you can visit their

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