Petition in Hastings to legalize medical marijuana

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HASTINGS, Neb.-- Two petitioners spent Wednesday and Thursday in Hastings, gathering as many signatures and donations as they could to help legalize medical marijuana.

Krystal Gabel and Mark Elworth are a part of Legal Marijuana Now. The two spent two days along Burlington Avenue near Walgreen's gathering as much support as possible.

"I saw them yesterday. I think they were here yesterday. I didn't have time to stop, so today when they were still here, that's why I stopped. Now you're here," said Kathy Gruba, who signed the petition.

Gabel and Elworth heard plenty of honks during their rally, both for and against their petition.

"I hope that not enough come and sign the petition," said Steve Hansen.

Hansen just moved back to Hastings from Colorado. He says while medical marijuana can be beneficial for some, he's not sure it can be properly regulated.

"There's a lot of benefits I think from the use, but I think it's misused," said Hansen.

In addition to signatures, Gabel and Elworth also passed out pro-marijuana flags in exchange for a donation.

"The donation goes to our campaign, to the petition itself, so if you're wondering if it's soliciting, it's not. We don't need a permit. We're under federal protection because we're a political party," said Hansen.

Gabel said they've been doing these petition rallies for years now and are hoping they can finally get enough support and funds to legalize medical marijuana.

"What we're doing now. We're out here activating voters because eventually we're going to get cannabis on the ballet in Nebraska. We're doing it by activating candidates who are pro-cannabis and hemp. They're going to put their names on the primary next year," said Gabel.

Gabel will be one of those names on the primary ballet. She plans to run against Governor Pete Ricketts next May.

Gabel and Elworth plan will have another petition rally Friday in North Platte. Their plan this summer is to tour the state and gather as much support as possible.