Private funds being raised to replace infield at Duncan

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HASTINGS, Neb. (KSNB) - Duncan Field could soon have a different surface on its infield.

On Monday, the Hastings City Council approved for private funding to raise nearly $350,000 to install a new turf infield.

Hastings Mayor Cory Stutte said with so many activities being held on the field now, they needed to replace the turf and that going artificial is more practical.

"You probably would have had to go down to some sort of sand base on it. Right now, it's clay-based, so it's unfortunate that we would have had to have done that, but I think this is probably the best option," said Stutte.

Hastings Sodbuster General Manager and Head Coach Bryan Frew believes the new turf will be a welcome addition for players and will make it easier for teams and the city to maintain.

"I always tell people that if I were to build a new stadium, I'd put turf in. That's kind of where the game's headed. Twenty years ago, there were a couple of teams with turf in the major leagues. Now, there's a lot of teams with turf, even at that level. High schools are going that direction. A lot of colleges are going that direction and major league teams are going that direction," said Frew.

The turf field will be installed once the private funding is raised.

The city will stash the money they'll save from maintenance, so that the city can invest in a replacement turf down the road.