Reiber Soccer Festival raising money for Hastings High soccer scoreboards

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HASTINGS, Neb - This is the 19th and final year of the Jonathon Reiber Soccer Festival (JRSF). Since 2001, the founder of JRSF, Jason Marr has hosted a soccer tournament to raise awareness of Drunk Driving.

Back in 1999, Reiber was killed by a drunk driver. Since that fateful day, Marr has made sure to keep Reiber's legacy going. In its last year, Marr wants to raise money to buy scoreboards for the Hastings High soccer fields.

"There is something about having a scoreboard with your emblem on it saying this is the home of the tigers that has been missing all these years," Marr, founder of the JRSF, said. "So, we want to give that pride back while also having John's legacy continue as well as the message don't drink and drive. That will be a part of the scoreboards as well."

They are trying to raise $15,000 by June to unveil the scoreboards on July 27, 2019.

People can donate HERE