Two Veterans get free tickets to the Huskers Spring Game

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GRAND ISLAND, Neb - It was two veterans lucky day at the Hyvee in Grand Island. The Business Coalition for Veterans handed out two sets of tickets to the Nebraska spring game.

Marine Corp veteran, Queven Barrios and Army veteran Richard Studley are heading to Lincoln to see Scott Frost and the Big Red.

This would not have happened without the efforts of Chef Anthony. Anthony served in the Navy for six and a half years and has devoted his life to giving back to those who served.

"We signed a piece a paper and we put our right hand up and we made a pledge to our country that we, if our country called we would lay down our lives. Many have and that's why I do it," Anthony said.

For someone like Barrios, who knows how big Nebraska football is, it means a lot.

"When I got back from my second tour, I lived with PTSD," Barrios said. "I am getting all teared up but it means a lot from this community what they do towards veterans. It just honestly means a lot coming from everybody here."

The Christian Motorcycle Association are escorting Barrios and other veterans to the game.

The bus with those veterans who won tickets is heading out from the Hyvee in Grand Island tomorrow, April 13 at 9:30 a.m.