UNK Athletic Department helps program in need

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KEARNEY, Neb. (KSNB) - The Nebraska-Kearney Athletic Department filled the back of trucks with food to restock the shelves of the Big Blue Cupboard, an on-campus program which provides food and hygiene products to staff and students in need.

"Filling up the Big Blue Cabinet is super special for some of our kids on campus, even faculty," UNK softball coach, Katie Ackermann said. "Just to have some resources to go to in case of with the circumstances of COVID-19."

UNK Athletic Director, Marc Bauer came up with the idea after he reached out to the cupboard.

"I gave them a call and said, 'How are things going?' and they said 'Things aren't very well. We just need some support and need some help with this project,'" Bauer said.

Throughout the spring, the Lopers have had more time on their hands than they are used too. So, they have put that time to good use.

"We're always so busy with our sports and things going on and now that we have this down time it's something for us to keep going. Keep supporting us and keep supporting the Lopers," Ackermann said.

Coaches do not know the next time they will be able to see their players or coach a game, but they know there are a lot of things going on that are more important than sports.

"It's always nice to reach out and support your local community. When we fall together, we got to rise together and this is something that can help us do that," Ackermann said.

The Big Blue Cupboard is open year round for students and staff. If you wish to donate you can on UNK's website.