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About Us

In 1918, a few dozen school board members got together to talk about working together on a few legislative items in which they shared some common interests. More than eighty-five years later, the concept of associating with other school boards in the state continues to pay dividends to board members in districts large and small.

Certainly, the Nebraska Association of School Boards continues to serve as a platform for school leaders to discuss legislative issues among themselves and with state and federal policymakers - but over the years, school board members have discovered many more ways in which they can tap into the power of associating with each other.

Because of the diverse political interests in the state, NASB has been driven to find ways of serving its members outside the walls of the Capitol. As a result, there is a broad menu of programs and services that make our members stronger because, through NASB, they are working together.

Our mission statement says it all. "NASB serves local school boards in order to enhance public education for the children of Nebraska." This implies that we are serving board members in all aspects of their leadership positions.

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