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About Us

Thousands of Nebraska's children live on the wrong side of the opportunity gap - the side that lacks a nurturing home, a stable family or a safe neighborhood. They are held back by the barriers of poor nutrition, addiction, poverty and abuse.

Without the kind of beginning that leads to a successful, productive and healthy future, these children will never experience more than a fraction of their true potential in life.

Many will start school behind their peers or not graduate at all and spend adulthood struggling in low paying jobs. Many will end up relying on the meager support offered by public assistance, or find themselves labeled by juvenile arrests or an ongoing criminal record. Many will continue the cycle of abuse.

All because we never filled the gap between them and the future they might have known.

Join our cause to eradicate the opportunity gap facing children in our state.

Since 1997, Nebraska Children and Families Foundation has advanced social capital and public policy in support of healthy, resilient children.

We spark public and private community leaders to capitalize on local expertise and resources by working together. We engage state and local decision makers so the policies they shape help children thrive.

The longer we wait, the larger the opportunity gap. With your help, all children can reach their full potential.

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